Fish Invest Ltd. is one of the largest producers of rainbow trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss) in the region with an annual production of more than 1000 tons. The trout is grown in a modern base of a flow-through type, where the production part is divided into a hatchery, a pre-fattening farm and a fattening farm. The most modern technologies such as UV-sterilization and ozone treatment of water are used to ensure the best possible living environment for fish thus excluding the use of disinfectants and medicines. Part of trout production is also carried out in the Company’s cage base in Ogosta Reservoir.

The feeds used for fish feeding during the entire fish cycle are the highest quality extruded feeds of the world’s largest producers. All feeds are accompanied by quality certificates and certificates for lack of GMO components.

We distinguish ourselves from other manufacturers in the region by utilizing a unique, clean and friendly environment with modern technologies excluding the need of disinfectants and medications.


    Production of fish stock of rainbow trout


    Production of fish stock


    Sturgeon for consumption

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