In order to satisfy the needs of its clients, Fish Invest Ltd. built a factory for primary fish processing.

The main raw material used in the workshop comes from the Company’s production of rainbow trout, salmon trout, carp, bighead carp, grass carp, sturgeon fish and European catfish.

The Company has one of the most modern fish-cleaning machines produced by the Danish firm KROMA. The equipment allows Fish Invest Ltd. to offer its customers unconventional products such as machine-cleaned rainbow trout with gills, which is gaining popularity.

The installed processing line, which the cleaning machine incorporates, allows for a fast and quality raw material processing. The line is fully automated and without human intervention, which guarantees preservation of the product’s quality and the good commercial appearance.

Fish Invest Ltd. offers cleaned trout without gills under ice, cleaned trout with gills under ice, whole trout under ice, and carp under ice. Packages used for transportation of fish include returnable plastic containers and disposable polystyrene boxes.

The whole process of processing is carried out under constant control, in consonance with the best manufacturing practices.

The Company has its own refrigerated means of transport for direct transportation to stores of customers.


    Production of fish stock of rainbow trout


    Production of fish stock


    Sturgeon for consumption

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