Fish Invest Ltd. is one of the largest producers of carp (Cyprinus carpio) for consumption in the region with an annual production of more than 700 tons. The carp is grown in the cage base in Ogosta Reservoir. The farmed carp is characterized by excellent taste qualities, without any side odour and taste. Only fully extruded and high quality feeds are used for its farming, which helps balance the meat structure of the fish with a minimum amount of fat content. The main production of carp for consumption is in the range of 1.5 kg – 2.5 kg, but we also farm fish in the range of 3 kg – 5 kg each year.

Caged carp cultivation improves fish taste greatly, boosts the ability of the Company to produce and sell its produce throughout the year, and provides regular monthly quantities to the market.

Most of the carp production is sold alive, but it is also sold under ice as well as in the form of cuts processed in our newly established processing plant.

Fish Invest Ltd. has specialized transport of different sizes for transportation of live fish.


    Production of fish stock of rainbow trout


    Production of fish stock


    Sturgeon for consumption

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