Fish Invest Ltd. is a leading company in the production of freshwater aquacultures. The main activity of the Company is the farming of rainbow trout, carp and sturgeon for production of black caviar. After an increase of production and increase in the number of fish species farmed, the Company has become a leading freshwater aquaculture producer in the region. The production activity is carried out in the town of Montana and the marketing department is located in Sofia.

Fish Invest Ltd. has a modern cage base in Ogosta Reservoir, where carp is farmed for consumption and sturgeon is farmed for production of black caviar. Rainbow trout is farmed during the winter months, when the conditions are favourable for its development. The Company also owns several reservoirs for carp and zander stocking.

Fish Invest Ltd. has a modern flow-through trout farm in Montana, where the main part of the production of rainbow trout is realized. The farm is divided into three parts – hatchery, pre-fattening farm and a fattening farm. The state-of-the-art facilities have been installed in the farm to provide the necessary environment for clean and environmentally-friendly production.

Fish Invest Ltd. has built a processing facility to the highest standards, aiming to diversify the products offered and to meet the highest requirements of the customers. The main markets of the Company are in Bulgaria and in the countries of the Balkan Peninsula.

Fish Invest Ltd. develops its business activity in the aquaculture sector since 1998. In the first few years, the Company relies mainly on the traditional breeding of carp species in reservoirs. Gradually, this activity is further developed by the construction of a modern cage base in Ogosta Reservoir in 2013 under Measure 2.1 Productive investments in aquaculture of the OPERATIONAL PROGRAM “FISHERIES SECTOR DEVELOPMENT /2007-2013/” co-financed by the EUROPEAN FISHERIES FUND. Additional 100 cages were built for breeding carp species. In the same period, Fish Invest Ltd. started the construction of a modern full-service stock with a closed cycle for the production of rainbow trout, which includes a hatchery, a pre-fattening farm and a two-part fattening section. Over the years, the cage base has grown and the number of cages is increased by another 50 cages that are now being used for farming sturgeon species for the production of black caviar.

In the period 2013-2017, the cultivated quantities of the three main fish species farmed by the Company are growing every year. Fish Invest Ltd. produces 1000 tons of rainbow trout, 700 tons of carp for consumption and 300 tons of carp for stocking and the biomass of sturgeon for production of black caviar is gradually growing.

Due to the increased quantities of fish produced in 2017, Fish Invest Ltd. built a modern plant for processing of cultivated species and the Company bought the most modern high capacity fish-cleaning machine of unsurpassed quality. Very large investments were made in modern systems for improvement of the living environment of cultivated species thus achieving a production that does not use disinfectants and medicines and is as close as possible to ecological production.

All raw materials for production are pre-selected and provided with quality certificates ensuring the purity and quality of the products offered.

Our goal is to increase consumption of fish in Bulgaria by offering high quality products of distinguishable unique taste that are grown and processed according to the highest quality standards.

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